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Cycle path of the Calabria Parks

Between Aspromonte, Sila, Pollino and Serre, the Cycle path of the Calabria Parks offers cycling enthusiasts 545 km of authentic discovery and new experiences between landscape and eco-sustainability.

The last three stops of the Cycle path of the Calabria Parks are those that cross our Aspromonte Park and are often characterised by breathtaking panoramic views.
Cycling along the lush paths where you encounter the wildest nature, you can visit some very special and representative places of the Park such as the Pietra Cappa monolith, the Gambarie Biodiversity Observatory, the Mundu and Galasia waterfalls, the Serra where Piedmontese soldiers wounded Garibaldi, and finally the Falcomatà Waterfront in Reggio Calabria.

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Fabrizia - Canolo
Duration: 2 h 10 m
Canolo - Gambarie
Duration: 3 h 40 m
Gambarie - Reggio Calabria
Duration: 2 h 20 m
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