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Network of the Aspromonte National Park Museums

When a nation loses contact with its past, with its roots, when it loses pride in its history, its culture and its language, it rapidly declines, stops thinking, stops creating and fades away.
To prevent this from happening in the Aspromonte Geopark, the Park Authority has set up the "Network of Park Museums". It expresses the administration's desire to unite its cultural resources in a single project in which the museum plays the leading role, as an instrument of cultural development of the territory and social cohesion. The aim is to communicate and promote the cultural heritage in a joint way, as it is relevant from different points of view: historical, cultural, artistic, environmental and productive.
The network covers different types of museums, from the artistic sector to the naturalistic-scientific up to the archaeology one.

This heritage has a twofold significance: on the one hand, it is the material heritage on which the action of safeguarding and protection focuses; on the other, it is the ideal and intellectual heritage that lies ahead of it and constitutes the territorial entity as a community. Actually, the excellence of the territory does not lie in individual realities but in the ensemble of individual peculiarities.
Living and active centres thanks to experts, researchers, enthusiasts and volunteers, the museums invite us to approach the territory with curiosity and wonder, to get to know it, enjoy it and live it better, guiding visitors to discover a precious heritage of the past and of today, rich in indications for our future. "Thanks to the Aspromonte Geopark, a dense network of museums on a human scale branches out among the unspoilt nature of the Aspromonte massif, preserving the territory's strong identity."

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