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Canolo - Gambarie

By bike         Great Interest: Flora Great Interest: Panorama Great Interest: Hystory 
  • Departure: Canolo (946m) (Canolo)
  • Arrival: Gambarie d'Aspromonte (1,324m) (Santo Stefano in Aspromonte)
  • Duration: 3 hour/s 40 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: Challenging
  • Length: 55.4 km
  • Difference in height: 1,090m
  • Involved Municipalities: Canolo, Santo Stefano in Aspromonte
  • Tappa 12: Cycle path of the Calabria Parks

The path starts from Canolo (946 m) and climbs up towards the Aspromonte Plains crossing the Site of Community Interest of Piano Abbruschiato (1,027 m). After crossing the junction with the SP road leading to Trepitò and Molochio and the Mundu and Galasia waterfalls, in a landscape marked by canyons and waterfalls, you come to the pine forests of Plain dello Zillastro (1,099 m) and reach the imposing sanatorium of Zervò (1,152 m).

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(photo by: Ente Parco Nazionale dell'Aspromonte)

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Garibaldi Mausoleum
Garibaldi Mausoleum
(photo by: Ente Parco Nazionale dell'Aspromonte)
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