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Smoked Ricotta Cheese

It has a dark rind - dark beige or brown, sometimes also very dark brown - varying according to the duration of the smoking process, and inside it has an ivory color. It is a small cylinder of about 10.15 centimeters of height, with a diameter of 4.5cm.
Soft and with a milky and slightly smoked taste, it is prepared with sheep's milk - and sometimes goat's milk whey, which is heated at a temperature of 85.90°C to enable the natural surfacing of the solid parts. Gathered in the traditional cheese moulds, it is left cleaning out for about one day. Dry salted, it gets then smoked for about three days, and matures for one week. For information on the local producers, please contact Limina Mountain Community (Mr Gino Larosa, Tel. 0964/414112).

Smoked Ricotta Cheese
Smoked Ricotta Cheese
(photo by: Parco Nazionale dell'Aspromonte)
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