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Bova Visitor Centre

Thematic area: minority languages

Via Dante
89033 Bova (RC) | View on Map
Municipality: Bova

Tel. 0965/762091

The "Grecanica" Area, of which Bova represents the moral capital, is the island of the minority cultures where the proof of the Greeks' presence is still clear.
All the customs and traditions, the language, the religious rituals, the popular traditions connected with the Greek-Calabrian culture are kept in this area. For all these reasons the theme of the Bova Visitor Center focuses on the culture of the Grecanica area, especially on the story of the Calabrian Greeks' minority language. The visitor center is situated in Palazzo Tuscano, an ancient aristocratic dwelling in Bova, where visitors can follow an itinerary, developing through the three floors of the building, and discover Grecanica area's beauty: its language, culture, history, music, handicraft, wine and food traditions.
Fifteen big pictures by Gerard Rohlfs are exhibited in the Visitor Center.
Furthermore, the building hosts a unique collection: the Mosino library featuring about 5,000 books on the Calabrian Greeks' culture.

Opening times: Working days: from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm

Bova Visitor Center
Bova Visitor Center
(photo by: PN Aspromonte)
Bova Visitor Center
Bova Visitor Center
(photo by: PN Aspromonte)
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