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In Calabria, both hard and soft nougats are produced (among them, the so-called cumpittu, covered by a thick stratum of sesame seeds called with a word deriving from the Arab, giuggiulena). For the production of these sweets, Bagnara Calabra is particularly known: it is a town of the Tyrrhenian coast where since the beginning of the 19th century the nougat factories have been purchasing honey from the Aspromonte mountains. The inland towns have also maintained a tradition paying attention above all to the long and delicate honey cooking. Further ingredients for the nougat are almonds, sugar, egg white, and vanillin. It is covered with wafers, iced sugar, or white or dark chocolate. Besides the classical bars (called poglie in dialect), in the confectioner's shop it is also possible to find soft or crunchy torroncini with various tastes, as well as torrone ice-cream, made with almonds and candied citrus fruits.

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