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Bova, the historical Palazzo Mesiani will be the headquarters of the Aspromonte Geopark
(Santo Stefano Aspromonte, 20 January 21)
The headquarters of the Aspromonte Geopark, a candidate for the UNESCO Global Ge...
The Aspromonte Park launches Phase II of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism
(Santo Stefano Aspromonte, 07 January 21)
An agreement between the Aspromonte Park and tour operators who want to undertak...
The 2021 Calendar of the Aspromonte National Park
(Santo Stefano Aspromonte, 14 December 20)
Shapes and colours, insects and flowers, habitats and mammals: this is the 2021 ...
The Park and the Agricultural Department create the first bicycle made up of Aspromonte chestnut wood
(Santo Stefano Aspromonte, 08 December 20)
Together for an ambitious project, aimed at enhancing and rediscovering the Aspromonte chestnut...
Zomaro, grand opening of \
(Santo Stefano Aspromonte, 01 September 20)
A strategic structure, dedicated to disclosure and knowledge of the Aspromonte f...
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